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Teamsters Local No. 792 is working hard to make sure that the members of this Union have the representation that is needed to promote safety in the work place and receive great benefits and wage increases in the workplace.

However, as you are aware that the last few years has not been the  best of times. We must all stand together to fight off the attacks that the Employers and Legislators are waging against us. If we stand together we are very strong as one voice and will be heard. 

Here is an updated as to what will be coming up with the Contracts that are open for negotiations or are going to be expiring this year

Wirtz Beverage Minnesota Beer Inc. is working on a merger with the Wine and Spirit side. We will be starting negotiations on February 18, 2014, There are a lot of issues and will be a long negotiations.

Teamsters Local No.792 has ratified a 5 year contract with Coca-Cola. There is an hourly rate increase of 40 cents in each year of the contract. The Health and Welfare contributions will be split between the Company and the employee should there be increases. However, starting on April 1, 2013, the employees will have a bi-weekly contribution to the Health and Welfare fund of $13.85. Retiree coverage for medical also received an increase. The drivers will remain hourly until the Company rebids for their OFS delivery sysyem. At that time, the drivers will go to base and commission with a great income protection plan.

We have ratified a 5 year Agreement at Johnson Brothers Liquor Company. There will be an hourly increase of 50 cents per year for employees hired before 2008. Other employees will receive an increase of 60 cents and hour up to $1.40.

Taher ratified a 3 year agreement.

 Day Distributing and Capitol Beverage have ratified 3 year agreements. Day Distributing received modest increases. Capitol Beverage wages were reduced to some employees, while others received no increases.

Dear Members:

We have an escalating problem of Brothers and Sisters betraying other members by going to management instead of confronting the other members. I don’t understand why, union brothers and sisters will rat on one other. This problem has to come to a stop.

In the times that we are facing, we need not give management the ammunition to harm any union member. Management has the resource and the money to try and divide the rank and file. As union members we must always stick together to make us stronger. Every year this union has contract negotiations, in which this issue is brought up. Many members don’t realize the effect this problem has at the negotiation table. One or two of these problems can hold up the process at the table or get everyone sidetracked when the bigger issues are not being addressed when the time is right.

People may think that just this one time won’t hurt anything, but in fact anytime this happens it will cause harm. I would say that management has people just looking to create a situation so union members will tell on one another. Some members do not realize what is going on, where other members are playing a game to maybe move up on the seniority list or get on management’s good list. I personally would like to see these people go into management where they are unprotected in their work ethics. We have a great deal of members who care and take pride in what they do but one bad apple spoils it for all.

We need steps to follow so that we can stop all of this from happening. For example say you get mad or upset at another member because this member got a better position for that day. What you need to do first is to find out why this member got that position by first going to your union steward. Do not go to management, go through the union’s chain of command. It is very important that the union has control over any situation. Union stewards will investigate this problem and try to correct it before it gets out of hand. If the members are uncomfortable with the steward then the member should contact the business agent for their plant. Please don’t go to management first, they might make you say something you don’t mean.

Please let the Union work for you by going to the union steward or the business agent for your facility. These people are there to help you.


My name is Jaret Stoffregen, I am your Business Agent representative.  I wanted to take the time to unitize our websites ability to communicate with the members.  This topic concerns the Merchandisers.  I would like you all to know there is an agreement in place that limits the amount of hours you can be forced to work on any given day.  The routes you all are working right now can be a bear, I know.  Long nights run into long days, and lately every day seems this way.  The agreement I'm about to outline was reached between the Company and the Union about 8 years ago.  It was in response to the very type of heavy routing you are seeing today.  The agreement is as follows:  If a Merchandiser is questioning whether they can complete a route in under 15 hours, they shall notify the on duty supervisor by their 12 hour of work to inform them that they aren't going to be able to get the route done within 15 hours.  The on duty supervisor should then try to get that person help or relief to get the route done.  If no help is available the Merchandiser will notify the supervisor again at hour 14 that they will be clocking out to go home in one hour.  We agreed to not walk out of an account in mid service leaving pallets or product on the sales floor un-worked.  So, please manage your time so as to not do this.  If by chance the supervisor orders you to stay and finish the route, please do as you are instructed.  Failure to do so could be considered insubordinate, but you should be calling either myself or your steward immediately.  Only if we are aware can we fix the problem, please communicate with us.  The Merchandising stewards is Brian Belle Isle .  His phone number should be programed into your Blackberry's, and my number is listed on this website.  The last bit of direction I can give you is, when communicating with the supervisors about this rule please do so verbally, as well as, via email.  It's a good idea to have documentation verifying the notification times surrounding this agreement.